Specialized Philippine Enterprise Reference of Experts and Scientists (SPHERES)
Originally published as the Philippine Men of Science (PMS) in 1964, the Division of Documentation of the National Institute of Science and Technology (now under the Information Resources and Analysis Division (IRAD) of the Science and Technology Information Institute) produced its first biographical handbook of one hundred one living men and women in the field of Science and Technology. This publication provides the public, especially scientists and science students, with means of disseminating and retrieving scientific and technical information. It labors in keeping track of our scientists and their contributions for the information and benefit of all.

In 2012, the 24th volume of PMS was uploaded online to make it visible and accessible to more users. Subsequently, the publication was renamed as the Philippine Men and Women of Science (PMWS) in 2013 to adopt a gender-sensitive title.

Today, the publication is reconstituted as The Specialized Philippine Enterprise Reference of Experts and Scientists (SPHERES) with the Division’s vision of “Discover. Partner. Succeed.”

The SPHERES brand introduces a new function with a new focus. When it comes to Filipino scientists and experts and their bio-bibliographic information, this compilation serves as a specialized reference for the public. Now with a gender-neutral emphasis and an inclusive sphere of influence, SPHERES is the name to remember.